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• These super seeds are low in calories. Five grams of watermelon seeds have approximately 30 calories.
• If you want to use the full potential of your memory, hop on the watermelon seeds club, it helps increase memory power.
• Naach melon seeds are nature’s answers to diabetic control. If you are suffering from blood sugar level fluctuations, try including this super seed in your diet.
• If you have weak bones and condition of osteoporosis, try including Naach melon seeds, which are also rich in rich in copper, manganese and potassium, in your food.
• If you’re facing frequent bouts of cough, cold or other viral diseases, add this super-food in your diet to give your immunity a much-needed boost.

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This bright coloured fruit is mostly loved by all as a summer fruit. But we are usually accustomed to discarding the seeds, not knowing the nutritional value of them.Naach Watermelon seeds are low in calories and are nutrient dense and can easily take the place of other unhealthy snack options.


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